SAYEBAN HOTEL  ISTANBUL                                    Our mission is to provide the unique and unforgottable service to make you feel the difference and comfort and help you to enjoy your vacation in Istanbul’s glamour, romance and history.   The former capital of three successive empires, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, Istanbul still preserves the charming legacy of its past while looking forward to a modern future. You can feel sophisticated Orient on one side and progressive Europe on the other side, two opposite cultures which are mixed perfect in this wonderful city all around you. Enjoy the harmony of cultures, enjoy the embracement of history, enjoy the rhythm of diversities, smell the breath of changes during your vacation in Istanbul. In this city the historical landmarks of the city are in harmony with the wonderful Turquoise blues of Bosphorus. Istanbul is the only city in the world which is situated on two continents, thereby the city offers you to enjoy your trip with the landscape of another continent.   Istanbul, the land of fairy tales welcomes you hospitably in Sayeban Hotel which is located in Gedikpaşa – an amazing place where you can feel the smell of history and touch the treasures hidden in this magic city.  Gedikpaşa is situated on the North part of the famous Byzantine seaport. Surrounded by Byzantine remainings, Gedikpaşa is a very old and hystorical residential area. In a unique place Sayeban Hotel provides you with a wonderful view of mosques and churches in the same frame with the sight of Istanbul and the sea of Marmara. Our Hotel is in the heart of such ancient and famous places as Sultanahmet, Mahmutpaşa, Eşilderek, Kapalı Çarşı (Grand Bazaar), Laleli and Beyazıt and it takes you just five minutes by foot to reach these important places which are famous all over the world and attracts million of tourists every day.   Sayeban Hotel is situated in the heart of the ancient city but along with this the place is quiet and you can be sure that nothing will disturb you when it’s time to have rest after a tiring day in the amazing city. You will feel comfortable and relaxed with the kind services provided by our smiling staff. Being impressed by the beauty of Istanbul, you will be impressed one more time by the wonderful and quiet atmosphere where our staff will be happy to make your time perfect in Sayeban Hotel.